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No commentator has better understood Ed Dorn, and the prophetic nature of his Turbine, than t thilleman in his new poem; perhaps because it took a poet of grand scale to comprehend Dorn’s iconoclastic work, and only T’s line so far has had the authority to resist falling into either idolatry of the master, or the usual trap of mimicry. thilleman is a heady theorizer, but fastidious to construct the theoretical always just ahead of the line, so that his poem never side tracks or runs aground. thilleman’s contextualization sends us backward in order to go forward: back to Dorn’s visionary text of late-stage capitalism—to gain speed—then fast forward into nothing short of the future of poetry writing. Dorn readers and scholars, and tt fans, will be clocking this book for years.

   Rich Blevins

Blasted Tower explodes into a brand new genre, the physical memoir, a nearby neighbor of the roman à clef. The reader is led from the unfolding to what has been folded into creation, set in durée, Bergson's inner time, about to detonate into the outer. There is a place of memory, just as there is a place of shock, both occupying a mutual locale, poised to shatter the human reserve. Thilleman does this in his brilliant account of the life of a writer.

   Gloria Frym

Not since Susan Sontag’s debut with The Benefactor has a first novel been so convincing. Welcome to a powerful new voice!

   Edward Field

Gowanus is at times hilarious and at others edifying, slyly taking on complicated questions of art and religion—buried as they are in Knudsen's rambling bluster.

Jonathon Messinger, Time Out Chicago


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