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"One might say that at least we can patch it up in the empty case."

Saul Kripke, Reference and Existence





Images, or "primitive" presentations of physical/spiritual exertion,  coordinate passage through Earth, a titanic source as ultimate vehicle we all have ridden and desire to keep riding.


Images then become as one central image to re-present the plural abundance we were born to encounter. We thought to suckle for "completion" only to arrive at a static Figure, or, a written device voided of its real source.


Completion allows us to think we are larger than our vulnerable universal true nature,  so asserts its mark within the literate and literary as a sign of accomplishment.


Tantalizing aspect of the world moves us closer to endlessness and an intimacy with senses of a more primal infinite, however, by which we might un-pack the "completed" Figuration and return to our first or earliest encounters.


Over and over the two—Images in the spatio-temporal storehouse, and Figure in its epoch of re-presentation—live for one another in our middle-life's actual span, discovering thus their true mutual interdependency.


Entanglement, their coupling, full of light.


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