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The un-knowingness of what blood courses through us provides a kubernetes (κυβερνήτης), a form of governance over our interpretations, our meanings and our so-called purpose.


Mirrored and multiplied into many worlds, we would otherwise know it as cyberspace. The meeting of the two—known and un-knowingness, bloodflow and an out-of-body mind—exchange for each other an act existing only in language.


This seems elemental when we consider that no exchange, no visitation of one to an other would take its lifetime anywhere but in this world where we find ourselves.


From the Greek root which formed Cybernesis as well as Governing. Refers to operating a rudder on a boat. This the essence of Image as energy. Cyborg, popularized through fiction, now part of the way we take our skyvault as well as the planar city of lights and merge it into behavior. We all telegraph that behavior, over and over. Cities, nations, vehicles of any kind do behave accordingly.


The social as well as fictive work to rule over us, at odds with one another yet changing every landscape and every geo-habitation which exists.


A seeming divergence of energy, when the senses involve themselves in knowing, takes a share for their un-knowingness and declares itself the centering channel of Image. The era or age, that is, finds itself at the apex of a bodily un-knowingness, brought into such a state by encounters with out-of-body experiences, and with linguistic events that stage such sensory overwhelm.
















Cyborg, a presentation of collaboration. As collage, tapped meridian channels of discovery in archeo-time. The arch of time, in this poesis, not determined by acknowledgment alone but a recognition of birth cycles at the heart of the mundus sensibilis.


Even older ideas of a long and ongoing work—something open-ended and always seen as the beating heart of modern and post-modern American poetics—now turn in an arcane and even ersatz register whose meridians work via Kuber-Imago.


Mantras, Yantras, Chakras and the vedic or archeo presentations of physical/spiritual exertion mean to be a passage through the earth, through Gaia as titanic Image, ur-image we thought to suckle for completion.


A completion allowing us to be larger than a vulnerably small all-too-human creature.


Tantalizing aspect of this world as an end moves us through the endless. Over and over the two worlds live for one another.


Conchwoman—a presence in form of goad to my own physiognomy, the space between pregnancy and evacuation, living specter of body and mind, material and immaterial meaningfulness of me alive as well as dead.


Goad and goaded— neither knows a tithe of what the other has done in the past or will do in the future. And yet the presence of both rules over me. Over us. Ardently capricious, creative.


As if my lifetime a creation of that imprecation, that goad, sensory node or nadi, from first womb into the present I am nagged or striking out to do the nagging.


Where I form myself an Image of all presence and think to call it home.


But do I live there, in that image?


Or was I only the figure made to re-present all image?


Impasse or register of frustration, hardening bile and blocked sluice, cosmic doors opening thus unblocking through the energies of autonomia—releasing their "seed" or tone into me.


Into my unknowingness to re-make what I thought I knew?



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